Carrying a Lucky Charm

Have and keeping good luck is a casual concern for the everyday individual, but for the professional to semi-professional gambler it’s essential. We all think about our luck, no matter how skeptical we claim to be, and many of us at one time or another conspired to increase it for the better. History is littered with kings and conquers who went on quests for certain items or paid a ransom for relics they believed would increase their luck or their favor with the gods. Today that same desire has brought people to the roulette table with little items tucked in their pockets they believe will change their destinies. The following are few examples of fetishes and lucky charms carried by gamblers and the strange histories behind them.

The Horseshoe

Some of the most effective lucky charms people carry, never change. Because superstitions around luck and gambling are based in tradition, things like the lucky horseshoe are here to stay. The horseshoe was considered lucky because of the power people engendered in blacksmiths that created the horseshoes. These people worked with fire and iron, substances that seemed magical at the time and as a result people believed that the energy from the forge was transferred to the shoe. The horseshoe had the power to dispel curses and ward off demons primarily because they were made with iron. Still, there are conditions on the effectiveness of the horseshoe as a charm. The points of the shoe must be pointed up for the horseshoe’s power to work.

Rabbit’s Foot

The rabbit’s foot is possibly the oldest lucky charm that people carry. This charm’s history and power are found in hoodoo, the bastardization of witchcraft and voodoo produced outside of Haiti, most popular in the American South and the South American continent. You see one of the fetishes in this religion required the bone of a witch. Many witches were believed to have the ability to change their shapes specifically to that of rabbits as a means of escape. So the left hind foot of a rabbit worked as a fetish or a good luck charm just as well witch’s bone. Of course, for the charm to be most effective the foot needs to be taken from a rabbit shot in a graveyard.


The power of a lucky penny has never been something to far from the world of the gambler. For a penny to be lucky, it must be found haphazardly and face up. Yes, these charms are very easy to find, but it’s not a good idea to have too many at once. Some believe that an abundance of them can throw off your luck. The reason that pennies are considered lucky is twofold; it represents money and good fortune in financial matters, and because metals have always been seen as having magical properties. Many cultures believe that the secrets behind creating metal were given to humanity by gods, so the product of that work is infused with a kind of magic that brings luck and wards off evil.

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