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Counting Your Money at the Table

In gambling, as in any other profession or diversion, there are many traditions, things one must not do to be a part of the community. In games of chance where money is exchanged these traditions are often built around luck and how one handles winning and losing. When it comes to traditions at the table […]

Playing Cards with a Dog in the Room

Most of us love dogs, and there is a certain amount of lore that connects gambling to man’s best friend; however when it comes to playing cards. Bringing your pooch into the room is a big mistake. For as long as there have been gamblers, going back as far as before the days when poker […]

Playing with $50 Bills

Some of the things we find most innocuous at the betting table can have an effect on the way we play and how our luck is going. One of them is the old superstition concerning playing with $50 bills. This taboo against the $50 bills has become something of a hallmark of the gambling world […]

Crossing your Legs

Crossing your Legs and posture Gamblers know that the game is bigger than them, and that some things are beyond their control. Numbers always bear out in a certain way, and our influence on them is never complete, so most of us try and get every advantage we can. Have you ever noticed when you […]

The Number 13

The Number 13 There are few numbers that are as notorious and have as much effect on the way that we view our luck as the number 13. All of us gamblers play the odds and look for patterns, but even if we are doing so unconsciously, or if we see ourselves as being very […]

Entering through the Main Entrance

Gambling Superstitions: Entering through the Main Entrance Superstitious beliefs are popular amongst gamblers, and it’s easy to see why. After all, large amounts of money and high stakes are involved, and players can benefit from any little tip of the odds in their favor. In many gambler’s minds, the more closely they follow superstitions, the […]

The Most Common Gambling Superstitions in the World

No good gambler would ever admit to a fellow player that they follow superstitions or have a lucky charm on them each time they approach a table or machine to try their luck; it would be poor form to admit to crediting an object or act other than skill for any win, however small. It […]

Whistling or Singing

When it comes to superstition, whistling and singing have a special place in people’s minds and the taboos of their cultural consciousness. There are several legends and taboos that surround the simple mindless activity of whistling and the almost mystical impact that singing has on our psyches. Gamblers as a community, are very aware of […]

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