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Counting Your Money at the Table

In gambling, as in any other profession or diversion, there are many traditions, things one must not do to be a part of the community. In games of chance where money is exchanged these traditions are often built around luck and how one handles winning and losing. When it comes to traditions at the table […]

Carrying a Lucky Charm

Have and keeping good luck is a casual concern for the everyday individual, but for the professional to semi-professional gambler it’s essential. We all think about our luck, no matter how skeptical we claim to be, and many of us at one time or another conspired to increase it for the better. History is littered […]

Sitting in a ‘Lucky Seat’

For a gambler, luck is all about consistency. The game that is played, the drink in their hand, the table they play on, all of these things are a part of what makes them love the sport and what they believe helps them win. Even if the gambler is not prone to winning, they have […]

Playing with $50 Bills

Some of the things we find most innocuous at the betting table can have an effect on the way we play and how our luck is going. One of them is the old superstition concerning playing with $50 bills. This taboo against the $50 bills has become something of a hallmark of the gambling world […]

The Number 13

The Number 13 There are few numbers that are as notorious and have as much effect on the way that we view our luck as the number 13. All of us gamblers play the odds and look for patterns, but even if we are doing so unconsciously, or if we see ourselves as being very […]

Blowing on the Dice

Blowing on the Dice If you take a walk through any casino, you are bound to notice that there are different superstitions being followed. Whether you see an unusual amount of people wearing red, or people crossing their fingers, these subtle actions are practiced in hopes of leaning the odds in the practitioner’s favor. After […]

The Most Common Gambling Superstitions in the World

No good gambler would ever admit to a fellow player that they follow superstitions or have a lucky charm on them each time they approach a table or machine to try their luck; it would be poor form to admit to crediting an object or act other than skill for any win, however small. It […]

Sleeping Number in Roulette

Roulette was a game created to prove the viability of a mathematics and physics based concept, conceived by a French genius while he resided at a monastery, which is why the wheel seems other-worldly and random. Still, people have been looking for ways to beat the wheel, to anticipate the number the ball falls on, […]

Touching Your Favorite Card with Your Index Finger

There are tons of ways that people try to increase their luck when they gamble and some work better than others. People carry good luck charms, only gamble at certain casinos, and only on certain games, and others will even cut their hair before playing or wear their socks inside out. But the one method […]

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