Crossing your Legs

Crossing your Legs and posture

Gamblers know that the game is bigger than them, and that some things are beyond their control. Numbers always bear out in a certain way, and our influence on them is never complete, so most of us try and get every advantage we can. Have you ever noticed when you sit down at a card table that most people like to face the table they have their feet parallel with each other? The reason for this is that crossing your legs can cause uproar at the table. To cross your legs at the table is to invite bad luck.

The Cross in Superstition

Crosses and the crossing of appendages play a key role in a lot of superstitious rituals and occult ceremonies. For example, the use of the cross in voodoo signifies change and death and is the first action taken amongst voodoo priests and priestess when they open the gates of communication with the dead. These facts became well-known in the American South and people looking to preserve their luck. Many people wear crosses of varying kinds for good luck, because a side from the outright religious connotation the shape itself is often linked to ability to control ones luck or destiny. Of course crosses are not always an object that can produce positive outcomes in ritual or superstition. In voodoo corpses are meant to curse and in many common superstitions crossing ones limbs in certain situation can be the harbinger of bad luck.

History and Violence

Some of the reasons behind the superstition concerning crossing your legs while gambling come from the days when gamblers were mostly men and the men were mostly drunk, and the drunks were often prone to violence. Crossing your legs put people at a strategic disadvantage. When things got violent as they often did you had to be ready to fight back. When a person has accused you of cheating in the early days of gambling knives often came out, and even guns came into play. Consequently, this superstition became prevalent as people tried to defend themselves.

The Nature of Taboos

The reason that many consider crossing ones legs at the gambling table taboo has to do with the fact that no matter what your game of choice in the world of gambling you are immersed in gaming culture. Now, this culture may vary from place to place, with New York having different rules than Monte Carlo. Each one of them has their own taboos and breaking them can make things very awkward while you are at the table. Ancient Greeks called superstitions like not crossing your legs, deisidaimonia or “fear of the spirits or daemons” and this sort of fear was respected. When you are at the table gambling people expect you to know the taboos and what brings on bad luck, and they do not want to have that bad luck to rub off. Of course there are some situations where this sort of activity will be over looked, but be aware that gamblers can be a superstitious group.

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