Entering through the Main Entrance

Gambling Superstitions: Entering through the Main Entrance

Superstitious beliefs are popular amongst gamblers, and it’s easy to see why. After all, large amounts of money and high stakes are involved, and players can benefit from any little tip of the odds in their favor. In many gambler’s minds, the more closely they follow superstitions, the more money ends up in their pockets.

These beliefs span all over the world, sometimes differing from country to country, and including all sorts of behaviors. For example, some people think that wearing a lucky color or a good luck charm will increase the chances of their winning. Others don’t count their money during the middle of a game because they think it will decrease their chances of winning. Singing or whistling is bad luck, too. And you can forget about crossing your legs while gambling, that is a big no-no in the gambling world. But have you heard of the growing superstition that you shouldn’t enter through the main entrance of a casino?

The Superstition

Out of all the gambling superstitions, this is one of the newest on the block. Many gamblers now believe that entering a casino through the main entrance will curse you with bad luck, and so should be avoided. It’s thought that when you do so, it is akin to entering through the mouth of a beast. Well, that doesn’t sound like a positive experience! I don’t think anyone wants to get swallowed, chewed up and spit out when in a casino. Gamblers will instead find a side or back entrance to sneak into the casino, and thus supposedly have a better chance at winning.

Possible Origin

This superstition is one of the newer ones, so the origin is more easily traced. The belief actually started with a casino. When MGM studios opened their casino in Vegas, they designed the main entrance to be a lion’s mouth. While a unique and interesting feature, the lion entryway backfired on them. Gamblers started to associate entering the casino, with entering the mouth of a beast. They started to think that they wouldn’t win if they did so. As the belief spread, gamblers believed that entering in the main entrance of any casino was bad luck. When money is at stake, many people don’t want to take any chances with bad luck. Eventually, MGM had to remodel their entrance because this was such a popular belief and was deferring gamblers. Imagine if they had chosen another animal as part of their remodel. This superstition may have never even existed in the first place!

So, next time you are heading to the casino, if you see people avoiding the main entrance like the plague, now you will know why. You can try your chances braving the mouth of the beast, or see if following this superstition brings you any luck, and find another entrance. You never know!

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