Wearing Red

Gambling Superstitions: Wearing Red

There are plenty of superstitious beliefs that exist around the world. In fact, the Chinese culture probably has more than any other. In their culture, it is thought that following these beliefs closely, will bring good luck and good fortune. While some beliefs may seem odd to an outsider, they are believed and followed by the Chinese, and gamblers from around the world. Examples of superstitions that originated with the Chinese include praying to the gambling gods to bring good luck, not touching shoulders with anyone else while you are gambling, and not talking about reading books while gambling. Another popular superstitious thought is to wash your hands if you’re having bad luck. In this article however, we will talk about one of the most popular Chinese superstitious beliefs; wearing red. Let’s look at this superstition, its possible origins and why gamblers believe it.

The Superstition

To the Chinese, red corresponds with fire and ultimately represents good fortune and joy. While red is found in plenty of places in Chinese culture, especially during the holidays, its common feature in gambling too. The Chinese believe that wearing red, especially red underwear, brings you plenty of good luck from the gambling gods. Many Chinese believe that this brings such a great amount of luck, that most gamblers make it a habit. Plus, it’s an easy superstition to act out. Whether you’re wearing a red bra, red boxers, red briefs, or a red undershirt, it doesn’t matter. Just as long as you’re wearing red under your clothes, then you’re supposed to have good luck.

Possible Origins

This superstition has been around for awhile, but it was popularized in the movie Kung Fu Mahjong. Additionally, red is a popular color in Chinese culture and has been for centuries. The color red is used commonly in every day life. They use red lanterns to adorn their residences and businesses. Double rows of red “xi” (it means happiness) letters are commonly posted on doors and gates. Red is commonly worn during weddings, celebratory evens and festivals. So it makes sense that it is considered lucky to wear red while you’re gambling.

Gamblers can be some of the most superstitious people on the planet. If they believe a superstitious act can improve their chances of winning, they will probably do it. Whether it is praying to the gambling gods, not touching shoulders with other players, or wearing a lucky pair of red underwear, if it can improve your chances at winning, people will do it.

Whether or not these practices actually work has yet to be proven, but these common practices are still done to this day. This popular belief doesn’t just have to belong to the Chinese either. If you believe that wearing red will improve your chances while you’re gambling, then why not give it a try? Everyone could use a good luck boost when they’re at the casino.

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