Sitting in a ‘Lucky Seat’

For a gambler, luck is all about consistency. The game that is played, the drink in their hand, the table they play on, all of these things are a part of what makes them love the sport and what they believe helps them win. Even if the gambler is not prone to winning, they have their rituals and a way of doing things that are dependent on consistency and making sure that they have complete control over the way they play, to ensure they do have some modicum of success at the table or a slot machine. One of the banal considerations amongst gamblers is a lucky seat.

Picking the seat

The first step people typically take down the road to finding their lucky seat is, of course, playing a few hands. In many cases what happens is people sit down at the table alone, just them and the dealer and after placing, let’s say three bets. They lose the first and win the last two. Now this person is what you would call a conservative gambler so chances are they are feeling out the floor, so they would leave this table and try their hands at a few familiar games. After some modest luck, they return to that same table, and that same chair, play two hands and win. And there you have it: a lucky seat is born.

Position and the lucky seat

Most players won’t spend their entire gambling career at the same casino much less at the same table, but they will look for some consistency to pair with their success, like a person who has several lucky pennies, they have found face up. Now these lucky seats like those lucky pennies are interchangeable, but they will have similar traits. Some of lucky seats face the same direction, face towards the entrance, or have their backs to the same wall.

Consistency in a Lucky Seat

More than a few people selecting seats will look for similar nicks, cuts, and certain bits of damage as they hunt for lucky seats, like the ones they have had in the past. Gamblers looking to capture old luck will often look at the feel of a chair when checking to see if it’s lucky. The belief for many gamblers is that these traits on some level ward off bad luck or evil. A big loss or a series of bad hands are enough for people to recognize that a chair has lost its luck.

Losing Lucky seats

In the past when a gambler lost his lucky seat he shot the unlucky person occupying it. This was during the days of the Old West gambler, an archetype that was based more in reality than traditional images of the cowboy. Today however disputes over a lucky seat often are handled less with bullets and more with hurt feelings and a gambler wandering from table to table looking for a lucky seat that will shock their winning streak back to life.

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