Sitting on a Handkerchief

Gamblers have been prone to using handkerchiefs for good luck charms since the days of the discovery and colonization of the new world and well before the invention of roulette or poker. So it’s no surprise that the specific superstition concerning sitting on one to ensure good luck is still prevalent. This sort of good luck tip is ubiquitous along with sitting in a chair that faces the door, but it can also work out to being a pretty effective psychological tool when you are playing with other gamblers.

Seats, Handkerchiefs and Turning Luck

Turning one’s luck around will always be and has always been a concern for gamblers and the handkerchief has played a part in that for some time. Other than simply sitting on one there are several means of resetting one’s luck while gambling through the use of a handkerchief.

One method is to move your seat and, of course, your handkerchief so that the chair faces the door. This technique is said to remove any negative luck you may have accumulated and give you a fresh start. This technique can also be done by putting your back to a fireplace. This sort of maneuver has been known to be a good way of getting into your opponent’s heads as well a method for refining your luck.

Another thing you may see someone do with a handkerchief is to stand up, remove it from their seat, walk around the chair they are sitting on three times, and place the handkerchief back down. Other people will often stand up and then turn the seat around and sit on it astride, turning the chair to turn their luck.

The Handkerchief and Symbolism

Other uses for a handkerchief have been prevalent in the past, and they have has some massive effect on the luck of gamblers and warriors for example:

Handkerchiefs Knights

While Europe was facing significant turmoil in during the Middle Ages, soldiers and knights were looking to preserve their luck in any way possible. In many instances, this took the form of a knight or soldier taking handkerchief given to them by a loved one and tucking it beneath their helmet or glove when they went into battle. This sort of thing became a tradition among soldiers through the ages and as many of them were gamblers, they sought to take that luck with them from the battlefield and to the gaming table, typically laying the handkerchief down in the seat.

Handkerchiefs and Good Luck Traditions

One of the many traditions linking luck to handkerchiefs is giving one to a person as a way of saying goodbye and good luck. In the past, it was believed that keeping a handkerchief near your belongings would keep you from being robbed. In the Philippines when a person sees a shooting star, you should tie a knot in your handkerchief to ensure your good luck sticks. Attaching your luck to a charm like a talisman is a sure way to keep you positive and to stop yourself from tumbling into a loss.

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