Touching Your Favorite Card with Your Index Finger

There are tons of ways that people try to increase their luck when they gamble and some work better than others. People carry good luck charms, only gamble at certain casinos, and only on certain games, and others will even cut their hair before playing or wear their socks inside out. But the one method that is the simplest and if you are a poker player, potentially the riskiest is touching your favorite card with your index finger.

When You Can and When You Can’t

You could consider this the most disruptive, good luck ritual in the world of gambling. A person takes the deck, from the dealer who in this scenario is as forgiving as a saint, and proceeds to touch their favorite or lucky card with their index finger. There have even been reports of people having to cough three times before touching the card to ensure that the luck takes hold. Of course not every dealer at home or in a casino is likely to let someone do this, as it is their job to keep the cards in order, but in the past this has been the habit of many respected gamblers. For example, the gunslinger and gambler Doc Holiday was rumored to have the same tendency and was a pretty profitable and prolific gambler.


One of the reasons that this good luck ritual is sometimes frowned upon is that it could be misinterpreted by the dealer or the pit boss as marking the cards and with good reason. Marking the cards is the act of using ink or another medium to track a card in the deck so that you can determine your bet by building a favorable hand. The ritual of touching your favorite card with your index finger is a way to hide that behavior which is why it can get you in trouble at most casinos.

Other Ways to Boost Your Luck

Should you be unable actually to touch the card of your choice in the manner described there are some other methods of boosting and resetting your luck that a less conspicuous or more acceptable in a gambling setting. First if you happen to be dealing rather than looking for the card of your choice, it has been asserted that simply blowing on the deck of cards can help to stabilize one’s luck. Another method that is commonly used by people looking to reset their luck is to stand up from the seat and walk back to the table and then get back to your seat. If you find yourself needing some luck try spinning your seat around and sitting astride your seat. You may have seen the things done in poker tournaments on television or at a casino.

These methods may help you to mentally reset yourself after a losing streak and get your head back in the game. Sometimes a streak of bad luck can be in your head and take the form of a lot of bad decision and lost bets. To some people, this is what good luck means.

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